Sterling Redmond

Set in Gilded Age America, a young woman must choose between circumstance and destiny. Orphaned as children, Sterling Redmond and her older sister Charlotte are raised by their grandfather at the family’s Maryland country estate of Northampton. Charlotte blossoms into a famed Baltimore beauty, but Sterling is more interested in books and horseback riding than feminine pursuits. Concerned that her niece will never find a suitable husband among the local Baltimore gentry, Madame De Chant whisks Sterling away to Belle Époque Paris in search of a gentleman who can understand her. During their absence, Nicholas Pembroke, the son of an English earl, takes up residence in the manor bordering Northampton. When Sterling and her aunt return to America for Charlotte’s wedding, Sterling finds her perfect husband is living right next door to her family’s estate. But there is a problem: he is already engaged to marry Charlotte.

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What readers are saying about Sterling Redmond:

“This is a well-written novel with intelligence and a great deal of thought and depth. It reminds me quite a bit of a Georgette Heyer novel, with the exception that Heyer’s heroines never did more physically than engage in a quick kiss. The end scene is almost breathtaking and just what the reader of this genre has been waiting for!”

“If you are looking for a book to escape into a different time and place, I would strongly recommend you try this one. I can’t wait until the author comes out with her next book.”

“A well written story with an actual plot! Nothing is straight forward. This isn’t really a romance, it’s more a story of star crossed lovers.”